Experience and innovation

Over the last 30 years, the Clinique de denturologie Talbot has sought to build a trustworthy reputation based on its passion, its quality service, its human approach, and its ability to develop solutions that are personalized for each patient.

By always being at the forefront of the latest breakthroughs in denturology and drawing from a deep well of experience, the Clinique de denturologie Talbot proves that experience and innovation are great assets on their own, but together they open up a new world of possibilities and solutions that elevate denturology to an art form.

Whether we’re making an assessment, applying innovative techniques, using cutting-edge technology, creating the best solutions for complex cases, or applying prevention techniques, we make it clear that the combination of experience and innovation at Clinique de denturologie Talbot has made us a leader in denturology, both in the Outaouais region and across Quebec.

Mission and vision

Passion : a family business

Benoît Talbot, an experienced denturist, sought to teach his son, Simon, his passion for this precise work and the satisfaction of improving someone’s quality of life.

Simon Talbot, a professional and ambitious denturist, uses the values he learned working with his father to breathe new life into denturology, building on his excellent basic techniques to increase the speed and quality of his work.


Clinique de denturologie Talbot’s services improve digestion with more thorough mastication, self-confidence with a more beautiful smile, and sleep quality with an anti-snoring device. It is Benoît and Simon’s mission to build a trusting relationship with each of their patients to contribute to and improve their quality of life and their wellbeing.


A humane and transparent approach are at the heart of the concerns of Clinique de denturologie Talbot, and it refers to these values to ensure patients receive the support they need when they seek denturology solutions or other high-quality dental care in an attentive and respectful environment.

With this goal in mind, Benoît and Simon merged “experience” and “innovation” to offer a personalized denture service that meets their patients’ highest expectations.

Strength in numbers

Benoît and Simon wanted the Clinique de denturologie Talbot to have a unique identity, demonstrating beyond all else that there is strength in numbers. They have combined experience with innovation driven by passion and the desire to achieve excellence. Together, they offer suitable denturology solutions that are marked by creativity and humanity.


Credibility: the test of time

Attentive to the value of an honest opinion or assessment and the importance of proof of transparency and expertise, the Clinique de denturologie Talbot makes it a priority to ensure that every patient’s experience ends with a smile, whether or not a procedure is scheduled.

Patient files

Whether your visit is for the creation, adjustment, or replacement of a dental prosthesis, an implant-supported prosthesis, a mouth guard, or an anti-snoring device, the Clinique de denturologie Talbot maintains all patient files to ensure professional follow-up.

The Clinique de denturologie Talbot will support you throughout the processes of acquisition, evaluation, refinement, and adjustment of your dental appliance. It will also build a trusting relationship with you through education, prevention, and personalized solutions.

On-site laboratory

We benefit from an on-site laboratory, and all work is completed in a workshop equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Improved quality control, faster procedures, creativity, and personalized services are only a few of the advantages of an on-site lab.

Professional ethics

The Clinique de denturologie Talbot respects the highest standards of quality and researches the most recent advances in the field of denturology. It also regularly participates in training sessions in Quebec and Europe to improve the speed and efficacy of its customer service by offering longer-lasting and tailored solutions.

Free assessment

We know that change can create a lot of stress. This is why we offer a free assessment of your mouth and snoring problems. Patient satisfaction is our top priority and is ensured with a clear and honest assessment that informs you of all your options. Regardless of the decision you make, you will be able to make it with full knowledge of your situation.